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Retro Infinity Wave Fountain in Maple Veneer with Programmed Control


infinity wave fountain retro design

Retro Infinity Wave Fountain
with Programmed Control



This fountain was designed to have the feel of mid 1940's to mid 1950s interior furniture design.

The fountain consists of a honey maple-veneered rectangular platform supported by crossed ribs of 1-1/2" thick Icelandic birch ply edged with thin strips of cerulean blue acrylic. The exterior of the fountain is finished with five coats of hand-applied poly finish. The water reservoir is waterproof double coated in marine resin.

Five jets, spaced along the long axis of the water platform are program controlled using our patented electronic controller. The water surface is flush with the top of the platform giving the impression that the water is floating on the wood surface. The sequence of jet-flows creates a dynamic pattern of ripples and waves which visually merge with the surrounding platform yielding an abstract "infinity" effect (click on see video below to see one example of possible effects).

infinity wave video

Infinity wave under program control
(click on image to view flash video)


design Gary Fisher
copyright © 2003-2013 Gary Fisher

copyright ©2008-2013 Fountain Kinetics

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