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Wave Fountain with Programmed Control


acrylic wave fountain

Wave Fountain
with Programmed Control
17" x 14" x 34.5"h

wave detail wave detail
wave detail wave detail

examples of instantaneous wave patterns generated by the fountain



Multiple wave-generating nozzles under programmed control form evolving patterns on the water surface. These patterns vary between quasi-stationary waves and stillness. Wave volume, height and duration are varied over time. The water surface varies between stillness and turbulence. By shining a light on the water surface, reflections from the changing wave patterns can be reflected onto an adjacent wall thus providing two modes of enjoying the fountain.

The wave platform consists of a 17" x 14" x 29"h pedestal housing our patented electronic controller, and an acrylic fountain assembly 17" x 14" x 5" which rests on the pedestal. The pedestal has leveling feet to insure a level water surface. The acrylic assembly is hand fabricated in black reinforced solvent-welded sheet acrylic. The water display platform is fabricated from acrylic and glass. Electronic control and pumps are low voltage.


This fountain is scalable in size and can be fabricated from a variety of materials including stainless steel, cast or faux concrete and can be designed specifically for an outdoor installation. Please contact us with your requirements and we will be pleased to provide you with an estimate.


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